The Standard Polycarbonate Roof System

Almost all UK conservatories have virtually no insulation properties, even if the roof blinds are fitted.
The typical polycarbonate roof has very high U value making it unpleasantly hot in the Summer, in Winter it can be impossible to keep most conservatories warm because of the lack of insulation which allows most of the heat to escape through the roof.

The Solution?

Our high spec insulation system can be installed to transform your conservatory into a fully functional room of your home. With no removal of your existing conservatory roof, the same look on the outside, but with the benefits of a traditional ceiling on the inside by installing high spec 100mm light weight composite insulation. We also install a vented system to the existing roof space to stop any heat expansion and condensation.



Conservatory is cooler in Summer

Conservatory is easier to heat in Winter

Conservatory is transformed into a welcoming living

Reduced glare

Reduced rain noise

Reduced Energy Costs

Minimum Disruption

Quick Turnaround


No alterations are made to the existing roof or to its vault profile.

The Complete system out performs any other product on the market today.

The external appearance is not affected in any way. The light loss is only 5% giving 95% of light penetration through the existing windows and doors.

The system reduces glare through the roof.

System is installed with Ventilation cowls to prevent any expansion to the existing frame work and also condensation build up, the ceiling is finished with a 10mm plaster board and skim finish.

No alterations to the existing roof is required and the work only takes 3 days to a standard size conservatory.

For more details contact one of our surveyors on the following number

01709 703332

Before any work commences all necessary insurance documentation is provided.